the bachelor through the looking glass

was that a bee?…or 

what I need to see … as i look for 

 romance through your looking glass…gold whispers through your hair like 

sunlight on flower petals … i


you smell like rainbows … you

smile at me through my front room 

window … and pluck 2

pink roses …. you are

my bachelor… and i…

your bachelorette…we run

through episodes of wild flowers ..while

my earrings jingle

jangle …love myths …like 

how to look for nemo

in all the wrong places …oceans of 

tears find us…

… together ….

turning down song of songs so 

we can watch american idol…we

play with bumble bees until they sting us into

splinters of pain who

look for meaningful things like

how to turn ourselves back into 


at the stroke of midnight… when 

you become my fallen Zeus and 

i go back to 

wishing bees will bumble

into someone who

calls me Beloved… on


play list 


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