• When Jesus preached the good news His emphasis was not on guilt and hell but rather the redemption from shame and guilt inflicted by religious leaders… He often taught about the Fathers Love. While it is true that all people are called to repent of sin… the Good News is that we have a Savior …we have a Savior… we have a Savior… there is hope of love… love… love…
      He gives us gorgeous everlasting wisdoms in His laws…that will set us free… Free… Free!!… The good news is that He loves us so much that before the Creation of the world He sacrificed Himself for us… He broke down the barrier between God and man… In all things.. in all ways… He is Love:)…
      Some in the body emphasize hell as to frighten folks into the Kingdom… Some emphasize hell nd say that this is the good news… Some emphasize That others must witness to the point that it becomes a legalism in their lives and keeps them entangled… Romans 2:4… It is His kindness that leads us to repentance…. Paul would say that any works we do to earn grace… Make it impossible for us to truly receive grace… Sometimes witnessing falls into this category… Some leaders place heavy burdens on folks they cannot carry… And folks in the church run around terrified they’re not witnessing enough…
      It is His power by why which we are called to minister… not fear that if we don’t scare people about hell He won’t be happy with us…this isn’t the good news Jesus preached..
      I posted this as a response to those who have been asked to carry burdens of shame and guilt in the name of good news …He wants to free us.. Empower us… So that the Church will be a true light to the world… Lovingly calling folks away from the dangers of wickedness in the world…
      The good news … is not stuck in the mires of shame but brandished on 4 nails on a cross before the foundation of the world… Love rising from the grave… Over and over and over… Where can I hide from His love… Ps 139…
      I poked some fun at this false thinking in my meme.. Humor is often used in Scripture to speak against oppression… It’s kinda what Jesus did😉…


  1. Ok I seemed to have resolved my confusion over the inability to comment problem??!!? Great passion there Kae! thanks for the clarification. You seem to have cracked the code to understanding that it is religion that is the problem. All these points of view and “doctrines” that do nothing but confuse and separate. When I reached this point recently in my blog I simultaneously came across a book which I am now pushing, “Present Tense Realities” freedom from the religious struggle by TR Holloway. There is a link to it on my latest post where you can sample a lot of the pages. Hell is just another subject that been distorted out of its correct perspective. Thanks again!

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    • Thanks for that:) if you feel led would covet your prayers..have been called to write about this very subject… and the time is now… thanks again for your encouragement..:)


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