FRESNO ISLAMIC TERRORISM and the Christians who support it…(killing spree April 18,2017)

Stop supporting killing in the name of Jesus!!

I live in Fresno and I’m really really angry.  I’m angry with liberal Christians who are so narcissistic about their own misguided sense of compassion that they self-righteously protested our mayor’s decision that  Fresno NOT be a Sanctuary City.  I am disgusted with the god-complex that causes them to believe they know more about how to protect our city than our President does. I am furious that they blindly ignore the dangers of illegal activities and espouse  political ideologies that support terrorism…terrorism that killed  three innocent people today…one of whom was parked in front of Catholic Charities.

Kori Ali Muhammad went on a killing spree this morning in the name of Allah.  When he was arrested he screamed,”Allahu Akbhar” (which means “God is great” in Arabic). In addition, his father was reported as saying  he hoped  the police took his son’s words seriously.  Our police chief Jerry Dyer says he didn’t think this was a terrorist act.  Uhhhh… Jerry….HELLO??

So… since the killer did not also kill a woman who had two toddlers in her car… he just pointed his gun at them… I guess liberal Christians will have to promote another march to prove how Islam is a peaceful, family loving religion.

Here’s the deal ..a  “sanctuary state bill” was recently passed by the California Senate.  If California is a sanctuary, then how come I don’t feel safe?  How come a friend of mine messaged me today asking for prayer because the building she was in was on lock-down due to  terrorist threat?  How come a terrorist was yelling Allahu Akbhar after he murdered three people?  Where is sanctuary for my family?





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