Justice for The Wandering Jew

Buckets on a Barefoot Beach

Shalom! We Jews are a funny people.  We like to dress up in costumes on Purim…we believe every Saturday is a holiday…  some of us don’t eat cheeseburgers… and we are known for the word shalom which means peace. Go figure… one of our most well known words is shalom and yet we are branded as terrorists by our extremist cousins.

Why, cousin?  Why in the midst of surrounding Muslim/Arabic countries do you feel that we should have nothing?  Why do you refuse to let us live peacefully on just a small piece of land when you have so much already?  Why do you not follow your own holy book which says Israel belongs to the Jews?  Oh my cousin, where has your greed taken you?

I understand you are angry… angry about the passing of the Ottoman empire which overtook Israel for a time.  I understand  such an overthrow…

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