Find me in Oz ( for the guy who used to be my best friend)

it’s not that i want you to feel bad…it’s

just …that i don’t feel so good

you still pull

broken petal affections from me…he

loves me…he loves me not and of course…


pull me into

abandoned basements where

we used to

call ollie ollie oxen free and

all our secrets came mumble humble

tumbling out and

now i fall

without you but

remember how our

bruises tasted like

unwanted Halloween candy and

no matter how much we hated eating


i loved sharing with



look for you in

abandoned basements but


zoom past windows

cackle ollie ollie auction free

and quicksands suck me deeper

i never thought i could love a man so

much as

i did

so much as i do.


wasn’t really part of the plan but

i wonder if you look for me and

if you do…please…

follow the yellow brick road ..

….find  me in Oz?



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