Snake Eating Carnival…Yowza!

O.K… so before you start screaming “FAKE NEWS”, check this out.  Kansas City folks kicked off their week long celebration of Irish culture and history with a Saturday Snake Parade in honor of St. Paddy’s Day.  In all honesty it snowed this year so the above picture is not exactly representational…nor were there vendors who sold reptilian delicacies like snake kebabs… (shudder)

Buuuut…. there IS a legend about how St. Paddy drove snakes out of Ireland.  Ok ok ok, National Geographic states  there never were any snakes for St. Paddy to kick out.  But what if the snakes referred to were the pagan religions of  his time?  History shows  the symbols early Christians in Ireland used about  pagan religions was that of snakes.  So seeeee….. if you think about it… my title was metaphorically correct …St. Paddy was so strong in His Lord that he had snakes for breakfast.

It’s all a matter of perspective.  For instance… check this out…

What does this have in common with….

Well… for one… the above picture of sour grass can be used as a straw…

And for two… sour grass can be used as a substitute for lemons when you make lemon aide.  I know, I know…why would you want to do that?  Wellll… sour grass is full of Vitamin C …plus it can be used to detox the body of undesirables.

And for three… Sour grass is in the Shamrock family.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Shamrock snack or two on St. Patrick’s Day?  You could make a shamrock apple juice spritzer or some lemonade.  Not in the mood for a snack?  How about a whole meal then?  Sour grass… or wood sorrel… is used in salads and soups as well…now we’re talking gourmet…

“And it’s so tasty too..”  (Lucy as the vetavitavegamin girl)  Seriously…while Ricky may have to wonder about what I’m up to.. I’ll be Lucy to your Ethel…Still don’t believe me? Google it.. you’ll see:)



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