St. Paddy Prayer For America

Oh Lord…. cause us to identify with you and arise as a nation

St. Paddy was a  Shamrock… whoops I mean a Sour Grass Whisperer. Boy did he have a knack for taking something  so sour it could make your lips pucker and letting God turn it into something special!  When young he was captured by pirates and sold into slavery.  But the good news is he escaped.     And the strange news is he went back to the people who had enslaved him, became a missionary and used the shamrock which is related to sour grass to evangelize a country. HUH?  Sometimes blessings come in strange packages.

But Paddy didn’t let the strangeness deter him.  He did not let his suffering define him.  By letting Love define his life a pagan nation was saved. So what?  Who cares?  Folks…America is in crisis.  There is a lot of division… a lot of pain… a ton of confusion as to who we are as a country… and who we should become.  Riots and turmoil fill our cyberspace pantries with sour… sour posters…sour parades…sour grass.

As we come up on St. Patrick’s Day let’s remind ourselves… no matter how impossible things may look in our nation right now… we serve a God who can make straws out of sour grass…as we look to Him… our country too will rise.


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